Massage & Body Treatments

Revive tired muscles, release tension and knots, or simply float away on the scent of bespoke blended aromatherapy oils

Give yourself the gift of health, massage is not just a sensory delight it also: boosts immunity; improves circulation; increases brain function; eases tension; resets cognitive equilibrium; turns off the adrenals and the fight or flight response; restores proper muscle function; removes toxins; and promotes health restoration. 

Treatment Menu

Express Massage

This treatment is a targeted treatment, for those who have limited time. A range of techniques will be employed to achieve targeted results on a chosen area of your body. 

Treatment will take 20 minutes, but please allow 30 minutes for appointment time

/ $40

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Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

A relaxing treatment for those needing to release built-up tension, in this area known for holding stress. Using beautifully blended essential oils and gently kneading away the tension from the muscles, you´ll wish the massage would never end. 

Treatment will take 35 minutes, but please allow 45 minutes for appointment time

/ $60

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Re-Balance Massage

Here we will reset your body’s equilibrium, with a relaxing full body treatment. After the 60 minute treatment, you will leave feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed and ready to enjoy the world. 

Treatment will take 50 minutes, but please allow 60 minutes for appointment time

/ $75

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Full Body Restoration Massage

This thorough treatment is for those requiring targeted work on several areas of the body and/or Muscle Mechanics treatment. The Full Body massage is designed to focus on the tight and sore areas of your body, and work out the knots using a variety of different techniques. 

Treatment will take 80 minutes, but please allow 90 minutes for appointment time

/ $100

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Modality Options

Aromatherapy Massage

The soothing effects of aromatherapy massages can serve to benefit a variety of conditions including: headaches, insomnia, certain digestive disorders, back pain and even premenstrual symptoms.

20 mins $40 / 50 mins $75 / 80 mins $100

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Chinese Cupping Massage

This technique is used to draw toxins trapped in sore muscles towards the skins surface for release.  It reduces pain in the muscles and improves functioning of organs in the area. It is said to increase blood flow, boost health and improve sleep and energy levels.  

20 mins $40 / 50 mins $75 / 80 mins $100

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Hot Stone Massage

Using special volcanic massage stones, the warmth of the stones induces a deep sense of peace and assists muscle fibers to relax  so that we can reach areas of muscle tension quickly.

20 mins $40 / 50 mins $75 / 80 mins $100

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Myofascial release is a treatment used to release unexplained tightness in any area of the body.  It has been used to successfully treat patterns of pain and stiffness that do not respond to other treatment modalities.  The fascia is a net-like system that supports and intertwines with muscles and bones. Working on one area my release tension in another area.  The treatment employs long stretching strokes at varying levels of depth, to gently release the fibers of the myofascia.

20 mins $40 /50 mins $75 /80 mins $100

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Neurokinetic Therapy

This is a sophisticated form of manual therapy, that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing to correct movement dysfunction and address the cause of pain by removing dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain.

 80 minutes $100

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Sports Massage

This treatment modality is designed to prevent and aid in injury recovery. It will improve flexibility, enhance your athletic performance and help you to recover from strenuous exercise. This massage is good for non-athletes as it helps any muscle pain and restricted range of motion.

 50 mins $75 /80 mins $100

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Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage is the original Western massaging technique. It involves oils and hand movements around the body to put pressure on sore and tight spots to release them.

20 mins $40 / 50 mins $75 / 80 mins $100

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Find out why massages are so important for your health!
Michelle has always done my beauty treatments and massages and when I moved away from the area I could never find anyone as good as her. She knows what she is doing and is always happy and cheerful and has your concern foremost.
Michelle Russell
I had a full body hot stone massage with Michelle and it was amazing! Before I went I had been experiencing severe back and leg pain but within hours of having the massage my whole body was relaxed and pain free. I really enjoyed the heat from the hot stones as I could feel all my aching muscles relaxing. The scalp massage and the deep tissue back massage were my favourite part. Before I went to Michelle I was really nervous as I haven’t had a professional massage before but I had nothing to worry about. Michelle was very friendly and welcoming and so I felt at ease immediately. I was surprised at how much better I felt after the massage, so calm and relaxed and no pain. I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone as she provides exceptional service and a high quality experience. I would recommend Michelle and Puhoi Beauty to everyone.
Kim Vickers
Michelle has always done my beauty treatments and massages and when I moved away from the area I could never find anyone as good as her. She knows what she is doing and is always happy and cheerful and has your concern foremost.
Michelle, Christchurch